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About Us

Anaxi technology is specialized in detecting fragility amongst elderly or disabled people. We develop innovative solutions to prevent the risk of falling and detect the risk (fall, fainting, wandering, run away...) and thus, give daily support to these people and their caregivers.


Our systems are suitable for use in assisted living facilities or for home care.

 ∎ Background 

In the current global demographic context, it is a known fact that the population is aging. The amount of people over 60 years old has doubled in the last 30 years.

Nowadays, 80% of people needing specialized care wish to stay at home as long as possible. A fall is often the trigger to institutionalize the elderly. Furthermore, falls are frequently linked to severe traumas, both physical and psychological.
Source : OMS, Aide-mémoire N°404 Septembre 2015

Whether in assisted living facilities or at home, falls occur mostly at night when people are alone.

 ∎ Our Values 

To put technological innovation at the service of vulnerable people
To search for excellence in solutions and skills while respecting the environment
To involve people with disabilities in the manufacturing of our products.

 ∎ Our Partners 
 ∎ Our Awards 

Winner of Artinov 2015

Winner of Réseau Entreprendre 2015

 ∎ Our Team 

Specialized in detecting fragility and preventing falls, the Anaxi Technology team works daily to develop simple and user-validated solutions.

Our devices rely on the knowledge, the experience and the interaction of specialists in engineering, health and geriatric technology.

An experienced team at the service of vulnerable people.

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