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Our Products

Anaxi Technology proposes devices integrated to the bed.

Touchtechnology sensors© initiate lighting, a light path, information, or an alarm.

They can be used by many people: people who have had several falls, people who wander around, confused people, or people affected by pathologies such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, people with physical or cognitive disabilities…

Discover the Range:

If you manage a nursing home, nursing facility or a retirement community with intermediate care services and would like your residents :

 A lower risk of falling
Secure movements
Limited noctural wandering

 Entourage alerts in case a resident gets up or if extended
 Reduced time on the floor in the event of a fall

Lower fall risks

Secure movements

 To be alerted of night wandering around

 Control a light path
 Find the way to a final direction

Secure movements

 A lower risk of falling

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