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Alert users to the danger to health

You manage a care home or structure of home services and would like your residents to experience:

To be alerted in case a personne wakes up, or in the case of an extended absence out of bed

Lower risk of falling
To reduce time on the floor in the event of a fall

 More secure movements

 Automatic alerts in case of noctural wandering around

As well as being a light system, ETOLYA is customizable depending on everyone needs. It allows the care team to be alerted automatically via the nurse call or a remote alarm system when the personne is waking up, in order to assist him, or when he is away from bed for too long, and to intervene quickly to help.

ETOLYA is under a mattress for detecting the presence or absence of a person in bed.


It's possible to add the bed panel ETOLYA.


This offers two additional benefits :

- Automatic lighting when the person gets up and passes to guide his way.

- The possibility to be alerted when the person is sitting to come and help in his travels.

 For the residents:

To bring comfort, security and autonomy in a non-binding way when moving

To reduce the time spent on the floor in case of a fall and to immediately inform the care team that someone needs help to get up

 For healthcare teams:

To be automatically informed of the need for support of those at risk

To facilitate a quick intervention

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