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Anaxi technology is specialized in detecting fragility among older or disabled people. We are developing innovative solutions to prevent the risk of falling and detect the risk (fall, fainting, wandering, run away...)

Our devices can identify the loss of autonomy in order to support the person and her/his helper facing the linked threats.

Our systems work evenly in facilities and in home-based care, and answer to 3 needs:

Lighting Devices

To secure and guide movements


By providing information to healthcare teams or caregivers


By detecting a risky situation for a relative (fall, faintness, wandering around…) in order to alert the entourage

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Experienced and specialized profiles at the service of vulnerable people.

Antoine Berry

Antoine Berry


Patrice Brand

Patrice Brand

Executive Director

Yannick Rousselle

Yannick Rousselle

Service Manager

Loïc Bouilly

Loïc Bouilly

Product Engineer

Victoria Loreto

Victoria Loreto

Commercial Assistant


« Because he did not have a prevention device the resident already had had falls during the night whilst going to the bathroom. The ETOLYA automatic light gave him comfort and security by allowing him to move more easily around his bedroom.»

Laurence, Head of Care

« The resident, who suffered from cognitive and balance impairment, struggled to navigate in her room at night and did not think about calling us. Besides reassuring her,  ETOLYA-F allows her to better visualize the room when she wakes up at night and we can take action faster if she needs us.»

Françoise, Nurse

« The resident with whom we tested ETOLYA-L tends to wander around. He wakes up at night and struggles to go back to bed. The soft light of the device has a positive influence on him: not only does he go back to sleep more easily, but he is also more serene and calm because he sleeps better.»

Francine, Aide soignante de nuit

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